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WH skirmish Battle Report

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WH skirmish Battle Report

Postby Petrus Aduro » Wed May 29, 2013 11:06 am

Had a little suprise PvP today, as is typical in WHs. Just thought I'd share our battle report and maybe suck a few of you guys into the game or something. :p

Kill: Kill: Rock Vanderhuge (Sabre)

Loss:Kill: Altoric Letoides (Arbitrator)

After scouting out a K162-C2 Altoric and MK took ships through to the HS exit. As Altoric jumped through the whole a Sabre and a Loki jumped into Solace, Altoric jumped, and found another DIC and a Proteus on the other side. He held cloak and called for backup. No one was on voice comms at the time.

Petrus was already shipped in a Falcon, and warped to the hole at 70k to try to jam the two ships out so Altoric could escape when he jumped back to Solace. The Sabre had managed to get a bubble down however, and Petrus was dragged 10k from the hole, still cloaked.

At this point, Altoric's cloak dropped and he jumped back into Solace. Petrus uncloaked and tried to burn away from the warp bubble while locking up the Loki and Proteus that had now jumped through as well. Both Jams took, however Altoric was still in the Sabre's warp bubble.

The Sabre burned towards Petrus and launched another bubble at him about the same time the Proteus slipped the Falcon's jams and engaged Altoric. The Loki remained Jammed during the entire encounter.

With the Jams already slipped, Petrus cancelled one and stuck them on the Sabre, and it caught. At about the same time a Drake and Prophecy followed the Proteus and Loki into Solace and engaged Altoric.

Even though the Sabre was jammed it stayed in engagement range, and slipped the Jam on the next cycle. Petrus reactivated it on the Proteus, and it caught. At this point Petrus engaged the Sabre with guns, and after 3 volleys it was at 50% armor, with Petrus being at about 10% shields.

The sabre turned to flee, but the next volley finished it off, bringing Petrus down to 80% armor.

Petrus refocused on the two T3 ships while Altoric continued to use EWAR, and between the two of them managed to continuasly break the Scram on Altoric.

Unfortunately, the enemy pilots were very good and managed to bump Altoric enough that between EWAR slipping and the bumps he was never quite able to warp out before he was killed. He did manage however to burn out of the bubble, and so he got his pod to safety.

Petrus made it out of the bubble and out of range of all of the enemy T3s, and warped back to the POS.
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