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Corp Departments and the Board of Protectors

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Corp Departments and the Board of Protectors

Postby Voronwe Eldalom » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:26 am

The following is the index of The Sundered Guard's corporate departments and their managing staff. Any concerns or questions should be related to the proper department, although any corp officer is available to assist you.

In the tradition of the city Aldalonde, the corporation's directors are given the honorary title of Protectors, for they are the guardians of our past and future.

Chief Executive Officer: Laedien Boulderan

Defensive Fleet Operations (PvP)
Defensive Fleet Commander: Val Starweaver ((Valdercon))

Expeditionary Fleet Operations (PvE)
Expeditionary Fleet Commander: Talor Gurdain ((Jereth))

Financial and Accounting Services
Chief Financial Officer: Daereius ((Feamacar Aegnor))

Industrial and Market Logistics
Director of Industrial Logistics: Elda Aurorasun ((Voronwe Eldalom))

Mining & Manufacturing
Chief Industrial Officer: Nafren ((Frosty Thundertrod))

Research & Development
Chief Science Officer: Alia Mekhare ((Nevar Darkmoon))
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