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Quiz Night

Whether it's by posting on the Woodland Tavern's notice board, or through shouting out from the center of Aldalonde's city square, the Herald is ever vigilant in his duty of carrying the news of the Guard to its members and friends - (News forum)

Quiz Night

Postby The Herald » Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:51 pm

Missing the glory days of real reality televsion, the game show? Looking to practice your lightning-fast buzzer reflexes? Enjoy feasting on your opponent's defeat as you lay the smack down with your superior knowledge of pointeless trivia? Well, then look no further, my friends, because Quiz Night is for you!

If you'd like to join us for some fun times, shooting the breeze with your guild mates and learning a bit about the Guard's lore and history along the way, simply reply to the link above. And remember folks, help control the pet population - have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodnight everybody!

*rolls credits*
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Postby Voronwe Eldalom » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:01 pm

Whoo, can't wait! 8)
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Serious business.

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Postby Tanth » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:16 am

473.6 I WIN I WIN I WIN!
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