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State of the Guard - March

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State of the Guard - March

Postby Petrus Aduro » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:53 am


Looks like a much shorter post this month, but I wanted to keep everyone up to date with a few things anyway.

First, TESO. The chapter is moving along nicely, and we're starting to see new recruits around the Glades. Everyone please take the time to make them feel welcomed as you see them apply. This last beta was a large success, and i think a lot of people have seen the potential of the game now. With one final beta left, it's almost time to get the chapter in full swing, and Knightmare is leading that effort. Make sure you check out his video and info compilation threads, and please sign up for a crafting roll in his crafting thread. We're trying to cover every skill without too much overlap so we can all pool our resources.

Second, the website. I know not much is visible yet, but we have several people working very hard, so expect some proposals and ideas before the end of the month.

Lastly, I will be in Afghanistan from the 12th to 22nd this month. When I'm not on the plane or out in Kabul I should have internet, however it won't be reliable and it'll just be on my phone. So, until I return, please consider Derel in charge and address any questions to him unless they are website questions, which can go to Voronwe.

Look forward to seeing everyone in TESO soon,
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Re: State of the Guard - March

Postby Derel » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:10 am

Be safe out there dude.

And all hail TESO!

Derel Valin
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