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State of the Guard - February

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State of the Guard - February

Postby Petrus Aduro » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:59 pm

State of the Guard - February

Hello Everyone. After a month as the Lord Protector, I'd like to share a little bit of what has been going on behind the scenes of The Sundered Guard. Over the last month, Derel and I have been busy trying to organize and line things up to be able to create a more active and inclusive community in the future. A lot of the work so far has been behind the scenes, but as you can tell with the new Monthly Contests and website design proposals, things are starting to leak out where everyone can see them.

First off, for a bit of transparency, I'd like to show you what goals I gave everyone as we started this year:

1. Changing any mention of EC to LP. This includes in the who we are, down at the bottom with the legend showing colors, etc.
2. Getting together your web team, and working on a plan/web design.
3. Post a list of what you'll need to make TESO and SC forum sections like we did for TOR, if we want to do this before the forum update.
4. Create a timeline for the forum re-design.
5. Start removing all previous chapters from the index and menu, except EVE, and add the new ones.
6. The mumble plugin has been showing "page not found" for months. Fix it if we can, remove it if we can't.
7. Train up an assistant to help you with web design and forum maintenance.

1. Start thinking up activities and contests.
2. Give the forums some time and see if we can't find places to consolidate and clean up.
3. Start thinking about recruiting.
4. Help Vor and I where you can.
5. Continue the mentorship program you've ran in the past.

1. Keep everyone in line. *Cracks Whip*
2. Work with Tanth on new monthly newsletter
3. Work with Derel and Vor on their tasks
4. Work on a recruitment program.
5. Forum cleanup
6. Monthly activities, contests, etc.
7. Update the news and/or bulletins at least weekly.

As you can see, a lot of the legwork is on Vor, and the more abstract stuff is on Derel and I, but together I think we're doing pretty well. In addition to this list, we've also put together a "job" chart. For example, Every month Derel will be posting a contest and/or activity. Every week I will try to have a new news update. Each week we'll try to have a game night, etc. By having dates and deadlines, I think we can create a much, much, more active leadership structure than what we've had in the past.

What's new?

1. So, in this last month, we started our new monthly contests. These are going to be different each month, and can range from what we have this month, to caption contests, to best screenshot contests, to who can get a higher score in a certain game... each month I'll try to have a prize, whether it's a steam or Amazon gift card, an item from the TSG store, or something else that the community wants.

2. This month, Tanth has also begun working on reviving the TSG newsletter. It was a big hit before, but the effort required to keep it up was just too much for the number of people interested. This time around, we will be making some content tweaks, and hopefully we'll be able to keep it running, especially if we have a few dedicated volunteers from the community. If you're interested in writing or creating content for this, please let me know!

3. New website design. Several people are now working full steam on the website design, and by the end of this month we should have some proposals for the guild to check out. Some of their progress will be posted in the Tree of Raiuna as a sneak peek.

4. The TESO chapter is in full gear now. With their own dedicated forums and Proper-approved charter, the TSG-TESO chapter is officially open. With the release of the game only three months away, now is the time to get involved and ask any questions you have. Spread the word to your friends, and lets get in game.

What's next?

1. Due to the holiday season and illness for several of us, we've been slacking on weekly games and our DnD campaign. With February should come a renewed effort from the leadership in making sure TSG has content while we wait for our new MMOs.

2. Forum changes. This month you should see several more forum consolidation changes. We will be archiving forums that haven't been used in years, and rearranging ones that are used more than others.

3. A new website! While the website won't be finalized this month, it is our goal to have a proposal out to the guild by the end of this month. That may slide a bit depending on several factors, but a new website is one of the top priorities for the leadership right now.

4. More activities, posts, and things to do. We have several ideas here, and are still trying to work out which ones are best, but updates, member spotlights, games, and contests are definitely in the works.

5. Continued improvements based on your suggestions. We can't do everything by ourselves, and we'd love to have some feedback on how things are going. Do you like the new contests, and do they add anything to the guild? Is a new website something you care about? What can we do to make TSG better? Let us know, and we'll get on it.

In conclusion...

After the first month, I think our new team has made solid progress toward making some of the changes needed for The Sundered Guard. We can't do it alone though, and feedback, whether positive or negative, has been in short supply. I'd love to hear from some people this month, either in public or by PM, on what you think of the changes so far, of what you think of our plan going forward, and if you think any of what we're doing is enough to create more activities and draw more members into/back to the Guard.

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