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Vote for Elder Council Changes

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Vote for Elder Council Changes

Postby The Herald » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:31 pm

Each year around November TSG-Proper gets together to nominate and vote in the new Elder Council of The Sundered Guard. This year, like last year, ideas were brought up on how we could improve upon the Elder Council and so, before the nominations/voting for our new overlords begins we had discussions and got together several ideas on how the Council could be changed.

These proposals are currently being voted on in the Hollow in five separate polls. If you are a member of TSG-Proper please make sure to vote in each poll after reading the options. If you can't see the Hollow the topics of the five polls are included below:

Poll Master List
Poll #1: Should we change the structure of the Elder Council?
Poll #2: Which proposal for Elder Council structure should we adopt?
Poll #3: How should Elections for the Council work?
Poll #4: Should there be time and service-based prerequisites for being on the Council?
Poll #5: Should the titles for the Elder Council and Chapter Leader ranks be changed?

Poll #1 serves as the master poll and, as always, a 2/3rds majority is required to make any changes. Assuming Poll #1 gets the 2/3rds majority all other poll need only the majority to pass as there are several options in each poll.

The Elders are more than happy to provide the full contents of every poll if anyone is interested, however as they are quite lengthy only a brief description of option #2 will be posted here unless a more detailed one is desired by any member.

Poll #2 overview:

Option A
4 Elders elected annually from among Proper: 3 Elders plus a First Elder.

Option B
Abolish the Elder Council. Elect a permanent guild leader and allow them to choose their council and successor as they see fit.

Option C
2 Elders elected annually from among Proper: a First and a Second Elder.
1 Sage elected annually from among Proper, plus 1 Sage per Full Chapter, chosen by that Chapter's membership from among participating Proper members.

Option D
3 Elders elected annually from among Proper: 2 Elders plus a First Elder.
1 Sage per Full Chapter - each Chapter Leader of a Full Chapter is a Sage.

Option E
3 Elders elected annually from among Proper: 2 Elders plus a First Elder.
1 Sage per Full Chapter - Chapter Leaders are Sages by default, but any Proper member participating in the Chapter may apply for the role through a vote.

Option F
3 Elders elected annually from among Proper: 2 Elders plus a First Elder.
Each Elder appoints 1 Sage. Sage candidates must be Proper members, and must pass a majority approval vote by Proper. If the vote fails, the Elder must pick another Sage.

Option G
Return to the original Elder Council of 5 Elders, elected annually from Proper - plus active former Elders as Sages.

The overview listed above include only the highlights of each option. With few exceptions most of these options are similar with only minor differences between each one. These polls will run until Friday night and the new system will be put in place for the next Elder term, which begins on December 21st, the Winter solstice.

If anyone has any questions about the election system, the voting system, TSG-Proper, the Elder Council, or is interested in joining TSG-Proper please speak up, either in this topic or by sending a PM to Petrus, Derel, Hallit, or Voronwe.
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Re: Vote for Elder Council Changes

Postby Wolvyn » Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:22 pm

What was decided from the Votes ser Herald?
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