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A Season of Change

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A Season of Change

Postby The Herald » Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:35 am

All you kindred of the Guard within reach of my voice, know that now is the time to gather within the Clearing. The season of change is upon the land, and so it is within the Guard. Tonight we welcome two new Pathfinders to the heart of the brotherhood, and three new Elders to the seats of its mind. Gather one and all to the Clearing, that we may welcome the new and celebrate the old. Stay and Nemesis, your presence is specifically requested, as is that of Romans, Laatho and Frosty.

Just as winter brings an end to the old so that the new may grow strong, so does renewing change come to the Guard. It is with this spirit that we welcome the two newest Pathfinders of the Sundered Guard Proper: Stay and Nemesis! Two outstanding members from our EQ2 and Vanguard/AoC Chapters, respectively.

December also marks the end of 2008's Elder Council, and the start of the 2009 Council. The guild's deepest thanks go to all the departing Elders, including:
- Arra, elected 2007, though having been forced to step down earlier this year. His service is nonetheless remembered and celebrated.
- Featar En'Nole, an original founding member of the Guard, elected to the Elder Council at the end of 2006, but also forced to take a hiatus earlier this year.
- Wolvyn, who served a full year since his election last winter - his first term in the service of leading the whole of the Guard since his time as our second guild leader during the early Shadowbane days.
- Lanton Underdark, having served two full terms since his election in 2006
- and to Tanth, former full Elder and interim Elder for a scant (but candy filled) two months.

Having all served as Elder for at least a year, either in this term or a previous one, these former Elders in good standing are welcome to the ranks of the Sages, that their wisdom and experience may continue to guide our growth.

In their place comes the new Elder Council for 2009, including:

Frosty Thundertrod - member of the Guard since 2002
Laatho - member since 2006
Petrus Aduro - member since 2004, and Elder since 2007
Romans DeMalum - member since 2007
Voronwe Eldalom - member since 2002, former full Elder as well as interim Elder since mid 2008

May Raiuna guide the Council in their wisdom and may Milaia grant them strength!
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