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The Aldalonde Herald - September Edition

Whether it's by posting on the Woodland Tavern's notice board, or through shouting out from the center of Aldalonde's city square, the Herald is ever vigilant in his duty of carrying the news of the Guard to its members and friends - (News forum)

The Aldalonde Herald - September Edition

Postby The Herald » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:38 am

The third issue of TSG's official newsletter, the Aldalonde Herald, has been released! Featured in this edition are:

Cover article on Otakon 2008, by Rilandune
Focus Article on Leveling vs. Skill based systems, by Wolvyn
Some TSG fiction by Aleta
Member Spotlight on Lanton Underdark
Around the Worlds in 80 Words, by Siria Cessmera
and Screenshot of the Month by Laatho
...plus Opinions & Editorials and Gamer's Horoscope

Download the full PDF here! (10.3mb)

We hope you enjoy this latest edition of the Aldalonde Herald, brought to you by the TSG College of Scribes and contributors. Look here for the next one in October! If you'd like to help contribute on it or even join the College of Scribes, feel free to send a PM to Tanth.
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