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Where is everyone playing

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Where is everyone playing

Postby Arra » Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:11 am

I Was wondering where everyone is playing in AA, I moved on to Ezi when the Auroria land grab happened due to resentment in how it was handled and came back to Aranzeb today to find I was not in a guild and got no response looking for TSG or TSP in chat.
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Re: Where is everyone playing

Postby Frosty Thundertrod » Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:46 am

I don't think there is any one left in AA.
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Re: Where is everyone playing

Postby Voronwe Eldalom » Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:31 pm

I think Butakuti might still be playing, but there is no TSG or TSP left in any official capacity. Auroria and the grind killed most peoples' interest, and TSP suffered a major guild split over their city and leadership choices. Yet another disappointment in the quasi-sandbox genre.

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What have you been up to in the game Arra? Still having fun?
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Re: Where is everyone playing

Postby Petrus Aduro » Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:46 pm

Nah, buta gave up as well. Don't think there's anyone left.

Most of us quit about a week or two after auroria.
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Re: Where is everyone playing

Postby Nevar Darkmoon » Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:50 pm

Pay to win model for the loose....
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Re: Where is everyone playing

Postby Knightmare » Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:35 pm

I dunno, Everquest next still holds my curiosity, no... not landmark.
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