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Our Charter

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The Sundered Guard - The Elder Scrolls Online

"Nature's Sword, the People's Shield"

Who We Are

The Sundered Guard is an End Game focused, multi-game guild that began over a decade ago in Shadowbane with RP-PVP, and since then has played almost every major MMO at launch. Many of our core members have been together since the creation of the guild, but in each world we visit we add new friends to our roster, helping us continue to create a strong community. The majority of our leadership in TESO have both led and participated in end game content in several MMOs, including progression kills and server firsts in Age of Conan, World of Warcraft (Vanilla, BC, Wrath, and Cata), Everquest, Vanguard, SWTOR, and Rift. We wish our Elder Scrolls Online Chapter to follow suite and be a successful, competitive and social community much like our previous chapters.


Our Goal

The Sundered Guard strives to create a strong, respectable gaming community in The Elder Scrolls Online that will stretch to all things that are offered. Whether that is through Crafting, PvE or even help reclaim the throne for our Alliance while still keeping one word in mind; "Fun". Yes, we strive to be competitive but most of all, we don't want to lose sight of what got us into this hobby.


Our Philosophy

TSG aims to not only be a competitive end game guild, but to stay true to our roots as a brotherhood: a strong community that has played together for over a decade. We intend to create a strong core group of raiders to PvPers that works well together toward our common goal. Every playstyle has its place in the guild and we want to respect that. We encourage players to find out what they enjoy doing in the game and we will merely help facilitate not only the goal of the guild but also the member's own goals.


Code of Conduct

Maturity - Members of The Sundered Guard are expected to show maturity and respect while on the forums, in game, and during real time chat. Kindred should handle situations to the best of their abilities and will not resort to immature behavior, defined as:
- Obnoxious and purposefully annoying actions
- Unrestrained outbursts of anger
- Exchanging out-of-character insults or trash-talking
- Any action defined as immature by the leadership of the Chapter.

Harassment - The Sundered Guard does not support the harassment of any players. All members are expected to treat each other with respect, and extend some of that respect to other players as well. Members will have disagreements; these disagreements should be dealt with maturity and kept private. Any matters that cannot be resolved privately and peacefully should be taken to the Chapter's Leadership for mediation.

Cheating/Exploiting - We do not support knowingly taking advantage of serious bugs or oversights within the game, unless they have been cleared by that game's officials. Doing so is against the moral standard we set for ourselves and may endanger the guild's standing.

Disciplinary Action - Conduct unbecoming a Guardsman - defined as acting in violation of this Code of Conduct - may result in disciplinary action to be decided upon by guild leadership depending on severity. The guild leader must consult with the rest of the leadership before taking the most extreme measure such as Expulsion from the guild. Although, this rule need not apply to Recruits as things such as inactivity and disappearance is common place in this period.

Honorable PvP Conflict - We are an organization founded on the pursuit of Guild verses Guild conflict with a firm belief in honorable PvP. These games are meant to be fun, and we feel the best fights are the ones in which both sides walk away feeling satisfied. This does not mean that you should not stomp on your opponents' faces, but it does mean we are not griefers.



The following is the index of The Sundered Guard's officer positions and general responsibilities. For an up to date register of the actual officers please see here, the Officer Roster.

High Warden (Guild Leader)
Delegation and Direction

Warden Captain(Assistant Guild Leader)

Warden (Officers)
Recruitment, Raid Lead, Role Leads, etc.

Guardsman (General member)
Able to vouch for Friends and Family

Recruit (New Member, Friends and Family)
Member with probational status

-Officers are expected to be active members of the community. Active players are the key to a successful guild.
-Any member is eligible for an officer position pending decision and appointment by the Guild Leader based upon the merits of the member.
-The guild leader may be removed through a vote of no confidence by 2/3 Guardsman majority.
-An empty Guild Leader seat is filled by the Knight-Warden which he then in turn selects his replacement.


Our Story

The Sundered Guard have a long history in the world of Tameriel. They were founded long ago during First Era in High Rock. The Aldmeri Hegemony of the clan Direnni was in full power. Clan Direnni seeking to further maintain control established a order that would watch over the forests, rural areas and the borders of their domain. For this task, they found no one more suited than their own “Manmeri” creations. Their hybrid blood somewhat ensured a degree of loyalty to their masters. The Direnni found the task of the order to be trivial for their their superior heritage to be wasted on such tasks given to the order. To the Aldmeri, the order was merely their obedient "hounds". However, throughout the ages, the guard had incidents of disobedience as being on the fringes of the Aldmeri society, they were more connected to the land and it's people. Whether they be a subject of any race.

Rangers, warriors and all manner of magic wielders could be counted amongst their ranks. They were all bound to the order and most of all the land they protected. Each member willing to give their life for brothers as they would for something as small as a blade of grass. This might be reason due to the cult of Aldmeri God Jephre, lord of the forest. This maybe further attested by their long held nom de guerre(s) as the Swords of the Forest and the Warriors of Jephre.

Over the years, the blood of the members of the order became diluted with men and the requirements for membership became eased. It was around this time that Direnni Hegemony lost it's grip over it's subjects and the guard soon followed. When the order finally declared it's independence it took up the mantle of the Sundered Guard because of the myth of when the elves were sundered from the World of Eternity. So too did the the Guard sunder and distance itself from it's Direnni past but keep it's true way; that of the Protectors of the People and the Land.

Like some Bretons today, they still maintain some traditions left over from their Aldmeri past. The cult of Jephre and the Aldmeri Pantheon are still embedded in the guard. However, the guard has become inclusive as the members come from all walks of life and all manners of races. No one race, culture or god holds sway within the populace of the Guard. Tolerance is a deeply held virtue of the guard.



The Sundered Guard is recruiting players of any skill level and experience who:
- Know how to treat each other with respect.
- Want to be part of a community and work in a group.
- Know how to have a good time. We are focused on ensuring that all of our members have fun. When someone infringes on this, we highly discourage it.

The main thing is we wish to have the ranks be like that of a sword. The edge of the blade maybe made from a hard steal("hardcore" players) but we should never forget the softer heart of a blade("casual"/"softcore" players).

Applicants must also agree to The Sundered Guard's code of conduct.

If you would like to join The Sundered Guard submit an application in our application forum, The Whispering Dell.


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