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Guild NewsView the latest post TSG Discord Server


Swapping from slack to discord as discord is getting more use and has voice/game integration and finally has a working phone app.

Would love to see more people here, great way to get some gaming in since it shows what you're playing if you want it to!

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Guild NewsView the latest post TSG Slack Server

Hey all,

Vor, Hal, Buta and I have been messing around with a slack server. It's free, it's browser, desktop, or phone based. Basically, it's Echo Rock on steroids. You can link pictures, videos, websites, and talk. I think it would be a great way to get a little more interaction going. It's one thing to see someone playing a game on steam, but I think it'll be a lot better if we can send an announcement about what game we're about to play.

Send me your email if you want an invite to try it out - I think it'll be a good boost to activity. There are some ways to do forum integration with it as well.

(I'm aware of discord and that it has voice services, and if they ever get a phone app that works well I'm happy to swap to it instead of slack).

Hope to see a few (or all) of you there!



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Guild NewsView the latest post New Voice Server


We've moved to GameVox instead of mumble for our voice server. Partly because it's about 1/6th of the cost of mumble for more people, partly because it offers some nice features, and partly because the old mumble server got cancelled. If people don't like Vox let us know, and we'll look into getting mumble again.

I know mumble's been down for a bit, but let's get everyone hanging out in Vox now that it's up.


- Petrus

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Guild NewsView the latest post Friday Night on The Open Ocean

This Friday at 9pm EST we'll strike out with our fishing poles and recovery gear for a night of RP, fishing, treasure hunting, and probably some PvP. All levels are welcome and encouraged to join. Archeage is now free to play, so hop on over and come join us if you haven't yet!

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Guild NewsView the latest post TSG goes to ArcheAge

Tomorrow is the opening of ArcheAge Early Access. At 1EST the game will (hopefully) go live.

TSG will be rolling on Aranzeb - West.

Hop in, get to level 10, and place your farm - tomorrow we will prioritize getting land all together in the same spot.

Hope to see everyone there -


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Guild NewsView the latest post Cards Against Humanity Night - Friday Aug 29th.

1, 2

Hey everyone. This Friday, and hopefully again in the future, Slip will be hosting a Card's Against Humanity night. We will play via an online version of the game. I understand this is a holiday weekend, but if you're free on Friday, come join in. We will need between 2 and 7 additional players to start the game.

I'd like to see us all hop on a webcam via skype or GoToMeeting or some-such, as I think half the fun in the game is watching people's reactions. If we can't swing that we'll hop in mumble, though I think it'll be a lot more fun if we can see/hear people's reactions other than when they want to queue the mic button.

I'm thinking of starting this around 9pmEST, however if you're interested please post what time works for you on Friday, and if necessary we can adjust a bit.

Hope to see a couple of you there.


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Guild NewsView the latest post TSG Gathering 2014

With Voria's wedding coming up, and a lot of us planning to attend, I'd like to set up a mini TSG gathering outside the wedding, even if it's just a lunch or meeting up somewhere for a few hours. Unfortunately I will be gone more or less all the next month, up until the wedding, so I'm hoping someone can step up and take charge. Let's get some ideas in here, especially from people who know the area, and let's see if we can get something together.


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Guild NewsView the latest post Wildstar Interest Forum and Release


Wildstar release is upon us, and as such Guardsmen are entering its battlefields. As such, a newly created interest forum is live in the Aldarem. Good luck to the Guard's efforts in Wildstar.

To apply go herehttp://www.thesunderedguard.com/glades/viewforum.php?f=259

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Guild NewsView the latest post Forum Contest Winner

Congrats to Frosty for winning the April forum contest! All me to erect the spine of gratitude for you Frosty. Congrats!

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TSG-TESO NewsView the latest post First Keep Captured!

Great job tonight, guys! Was tons of fun, I look forward to many more nights like this in the future. :D


And finally, burying the many dead left in our new halls:


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